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 and Online Corporate Talks

Dr McDarby delivers individually tailored talks to many of Ireland’s leading industries.

Corporate Talks

The growth of the corporate wellness services industry in Ireland is evident in the wide variety of experts providing support to corporations in areas such as mental health, fitness, diet & nutrition, social health and financial wellbeing. One area of corporate wellness that is all too often overlooked is parenting, the challenges of which can be a considerable source of stress for employees. Research shows that parenting challenges can have a very significant negative impact on employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, performance and absenteeism.

Dr McDarby is a highly sought-after corporate speaker and delivers highly customisable talks to many of Ireland’s leading industries. These talks can be delivered in-person or online and cover a wide range of topics in the areas of parenting, resilience, child development and children’s psychological wellbeing.

Corporate Talk Topics

Some of the topics Dr McDarby provides corporate talks on include:

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